Employee Portal
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We are everything Harley-Davidson.

American Road Group is the premier network of Harley-Davidson
dealerships and retail stores in the US.

If you are looking to join the Harley family, as an employee or customer,
look no further.  Join the Harley lifestyle at American Road Group.
We strive to hire the highest level of employees:

  • with integrity for themselves and their work environment;
  • competence to take our company to the next level;
  • a fun and friendly work environment dedicated to the brand;
  • while honoring the mystique that has made Harley-Davidson one of America’s strongest brands since 1903.

We are committed to continue to grow our business, and are seeking talented individuals who want to join this dynamic team with dealerships in Florida and New Hampshire, and retail stores in high traffic locations around the United States.

Click here to see all of our career opportunities.